Can You Take a Baby Monitor on a Plane?

Baby monitor on a plane

When you’re about to take the plane with your baby, there are so many things to think about. You are probably wondering if you can bring a baby monitor with you. I ask my self the same question and here’s what I found out.

You can bring a baby monitor on a plane. Whether it’s in your carry-on bag or your check-in luggage. Like any other electronic device, be prepared to take it out of your bag for the x-ray at the screening procedure. I will share with you some tips to safely carry your baby monitor and to minimize delay at the checkpoint.

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Can I bring baby monitor in hand luggage?

At first, like you, I was not sure. But I did my investigation and found out that it was ok to bring a baby monitor into your hand luggage.

I don’t see why not. I brought other types of electronic devices and chargers within a carry-on. A baby monitor is no different than other electronic stuff.

All over the internet forum, I read stories of moms who brought their baby monitor into the plane without any difficulty.

Another family said they travel with their baby monitor on 3 different occasions without problems.

Before going onto the plane, they will pass it through the x-ray machine like any other things.

There’s the possibility that the security will want to swab it for explosives. Like they do something with all other types of electrical devices. But it takes a few seconds.

Here’s what I found on the official website of the department of homeland security

They don’t mention anything about a baby monitor, but you can bring other electronic devices similar to your hand luggage.

You can bring a cell phone, even with the lithium-ion battery, along with the chargers in your carry-on bags.

Speakers are allowed into the airplane cabin too. It’s only the size of them who could be a problem, because of the overhead compartment or the space underneath the seat. Your baby monitor is pocket size, so no worry here.

You are probably still wondering because of the radio aspect of the monitor, but don’t worry, you can bring a radio in your carry-on bag too.

The only thing I founded on the homeland security website concerned the owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If you are planning to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a baby monitor, you will have to change your plan. The U.S. Department of Transportation, along with the Federal Aviation Administration, has ordered a ban for all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone from flying in the US.

At this moment, there are no airlines who forbid traveling with any personal electronic devices.

If you’re are still concerned, calling the airline will give you the peace of mind.

Can I check-in my baby monitor into my luggage?

I personally travel with my baby monitor into my check-in luggage, and it was fine.

Maybe you are worried to bring anything fragile into your luggage. We all seen videos of airport employees tossing luggage like it was garbage. I was concerned too.

A baby monitor is small. Roll it up in clothing in the middle of your suitcase, and it will be protected enough.

Don’t bring it into your hand luggage if you have the chance. You have many other things to bring in the plane. Plus there’s more chance for your baby monitor to get broken. Because you drop it from the overhead bin while searching for diapers or something else.

Can I bring a baby monitor through airport security?

Nothing to be worried about here. You’re allowed to bring a baby monitor through airport security. They could swab it, so, I would suggest you keep it really accessible into your carry on.

Just packs it on top of your suitcase. So when they open your bag, it will be right there, and they don’t have to move anything else.

How to safely pack my baby monitor?

This is pretty simple. Just roll it really tight in clothing.

Make sure it’s well cushioned and in the middle of your bag. Tie the cords, so it doesn’t get all wrap around other things. You know how those wire get when they are loose in a bag, they tend to make knots.

Tips to minimize delay

Your luggage will have to go through screening and x-ray. You might have to take it out of your bag and place it into a plastic bin for examination by the Screening Officer.

Here is some advice to reduce the delay caused by extra carry-on luggage content:

  • Are you sure you need all that stuff? Avoid over-packing!
  • Make sure your carry-on bags are easy to access. You might need to remove any laptop and cameras.
  • You can keep your phones and your MP3 players in the carry-on bag. Most of the time they do not need to be checked separately.
  • Always remove the laptop from your cases and put it directly in the bins provided.
  • You may think it funny to say that your baby just dropped a stink bomb but never joke or do small talk about bombs. You could be charged and ruin the vacation. You don’t want to be that type of dad.

According to the website of homeland security

As a screening procedure, you will be required to remove personal electronic devices larger than a phone from your carry-on suitcase.

It could be your laptops, your tablets or game consoles.

They will need to be visible into a separate plastic bin before they are scan by the x-ray machine.

There’s a pretty solid chance that your baby monitor is considered larger than a cell phone. Therefore you will have to remove it from your carry-on luggage.

Do I really need a baby monitor while travelling?

With all that you might be questioning if you really need that baby monitor. In my experience baby monitor are handy if you are visiting a new environment with your baby. If you are staying in a loud environment, like a family reunion, or being far away from your baby room.

A baby monitor is expensive, and buying a second baby monitor is a useless expense when you already have one at home.

Enjoy your vacation

Wherever you are going, I wish you a safe trip. Don’t worry about your baby monitor going through the airport security.

You are good to go!

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