The Ultimate Crib Safety Checklist You Absolutely Have To Know

Crib Safety tips

If you are like me, you are probably really excited to prepare the nursery before your new baby is born. Then I start searching on the web for the best practice with crib safety, and I was surprised at all the recommendations I founded. I will share with you the baby proofing checklist for the crib.

Before putting your precious baby in his crib, you’ll definitely need to be sure that it meets these following safety regulations.

Are drop-side cribs safe?

With today’s safety guidelines, your baby crib should have fixed sides. The drop-side cribs are a dangerous threat to your kid. Numerous kids have been hurt, and some have died as a consequence of hardware defects common to the drop-side crib’s design.

Cribs with drop sides have been the norm with cribs for ages.

In 2010, millions of cribs had been recalled. Because, since 2001, they were to blame in accidental deaths of more than 32 babies. Numerous crib manufacturers have entirely stopped making cribs with the drop sides.

What should I do if my crib is equipped with drop sides

First, just breath, second it entirely acceptable to have a drop-sides crib if it meets the following criteria :

  • The drop-side latches are not easily released by a baby.
  • The drop-side latches are holding the sides in top position securely.

My 2 kids have slept in a cool vintage crib with drop-sides. I only made sure they were not loose and not maneuverable by a baby.

If you’re not sure, don’t take the risk and get a safer crib.

What should be the spacing between slat in a crib?

The slats should be fixed no more than 2 inches and 3/8 apart. If you can place a soda can through the slats, the spacing between the crib slats is too broad.

You don’t want your baby’s to slide through the bars or getting caught between them. Also, your baby’s crib shouldn’t have any broken slats.

Corner post

The corner posts should be 100% even with the panels. Maximum a 1/16 of an inch. Your baby’s cloth could be caught on posts.

To avoid any risk of strangulation, don’t buy a crib with high corner posts. Or you could saw them off, and sand out the edges.

Crib hardware

For a safe crib, you should make sure that the bolts and screws are tightly secured. Check for sharp edges or other spots that can cut or pinch your little baby.

Now and then, make around check to see if everything is still firmly secure.

Crib paint

The wood must be really smooth and without splinters. If the crib is painted, make sure it’s not peeling, or consider repainting.

Be conscious or more than only the color when you considering paint for your crib. Peeling or cracked paint should be addressed.

VOC paint

When painting in a nursery, wall or furniture, use only non-toxic paint with no VOC (volatile organic compound).

Lead paint

Beware of the old crib paint, because it may contain lead. This type of paint is a severe health risk for your kids. The exposure to lead-paint flakes or even dust can cause serious health problems. A high level of exposure to this kind of paint has been linked to issues such as anemia, impaired brain, and nervous system functions. Before 1978, lead has been an ingredient in some type of paint.

If you are not sure if your cool vintage crib has lead-based paint, have it removed by a professional and use a high-quality paint for a nursery.

Get rid of blankets and pillows

The use of heavy blankets or any kind of pillows is a suffocation risk. To be safe, no baby should sleep in a crib with any of these.

Start by removing all plush toys and extra bedding from your crib. Just, keep a thin sheet over the water-resistant mattress cover. The crib sheets should be attached tightly. You want to avoid a loose sheet that can trap your baby and cause suffocation.

Use sleepers or only night clothing

Your baby (and you) will sleep better if you use a sleeper rather than blankets. We use the sleeper, and after 2 weeks we just put our baby to rest in a pajama.

Bumper Pad

Remove the bumper pads has soon had your baby is able to pull into a standing position.

Some babies have fallen off the crib by using the bumper as a step.

Crib placement

To prevent your baby from overheating, never install the crib next to a heater or in a corner with direct sunlight. Keep the crib away from the windows.

Check for other furniture that could be used to climb out of the crib. Like the changing table next to the crib.

Position crib away from window blinds and shades. Your baby could play with the cord, and that particular cord is a strangulation risk.

Crib mattress

The crib mattress should fit correctly and be firm. The small space between the crib side and the mattress should be less than two fingers. Your baby could slip and be trapped between them, causing injury or suffocation.

Always adjust the level of the mattress level as your baby grows. Lower the mattress as soon as your kid can pull himself up. When your kid reaches 35 in. In height and his still sleeping in a crib, it’s time to transition to a bed.


If you hang a cute mobile over your baby crib, remove it when he can sit up or kneel. Install it high enough, or far enough, so your baby cant pulls into it.

They’re a strangulation risk if they’re in reach.

Decor item above the crib

Mirrors and large frames should never hang directly over a baby’s crib. Because they could fall on your baby.

Also, don’t attach anything above the crib using a string that’s longer than 7 inches in length. Any long wire or cord is a risk of strangulation.

Baby monitor

For a safe and worry-free crib, always keep the baby monitors far from the baby’s bed. Don’t leave your kid sleeping with the monitor into the crib.

If you still want to mount the monitor to the crib, check out this article I wrote about safely installing a baby monitor.

Sleep positioner

Some products actively pretend to reduce the risk of SIDS. They are called sleep positioners.

Numerous babies have actually suffocated because of those sleep positioner.

Is Your Antique Crib Safe?

Like I did, several new parents like the style of antique crib. Treasure hunting into thrift stores for that beautiful antique crib. Some families also have passed down the crib from a generation to another.

But you must know that old cribs can be dangerous for your baby. Especially if they don’t follow the new safety standards.

If you look into the CPSC’s crib safety guidelines, their opinion on the old crib is straightforward. They want us to stay away from cribs older than 10 years.

If the crib has missing or broken pieces, don’t attempt to repair it by yourself. It’s safer to get a crib that will not need any repairs. The older the crib is, the more likely it is to have a loose or broken part that can’t be replaced. There’s also a chance that previous owners have modified the crib.

What should I do with my old crib?

Also, remember that those rules also apply to the resale of the cribs.

You are not supposed to sell or give a crib who does not meet the new standards. Even if it still in good shape it’s not helping anyone if you are donating it to a local thrift store. The CPSC recommends taking it apart and discarding it.

What are crib safety standards

Starting June 28, 2011, the new federal safety standards forbid the production or sale of drop-side rail cribs. The crib safety rules have not been renewed in almost 30 years. The new rules are supposed to increase the cribs quality by making them safer.

The drop-sides rail is not the only modification. The new rules also demand that all the new cribs should have:

  • Stronger slats and mattress supports
  • Quality hardware
  • More accurate testing

More than 11 million baby cribs have been recalled from stores since 2007. The new standards will definitely help avoid tragedies. These new rules are especially in place to keep every child safe.

Your baby can now sleep safely

Baby proofing is really important, and I’m delighted you did the research that leads you to this article. The crib has to be the safest place for a baby and that why it’s so important to have it 100% secure. Now you and your baby can sleep without worries.

Now make sure the rest of the nursery is secure for when your baby will be awake.

P.S. After trying different mounting options in my kid’s room, I found the best solutions to have a good view of the crib and secure the monitor from an accident. Here are the most essential products to mount a baby monitor over a crib!

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